What’s Under the Grundle? (podcast draft)

(draft 1/31/24)

Welcome back to staycurious.org Podcast.

The only podcast dedicated to help you kungfu your curiosity. This show is dedicated to the topic of curiosity itself.

Not the topics you doom scroll through, or the headlines you parrot while one of your friends are talking to you, nor endless ways of how you stay ignorant, distracted and misinformed.

We’re dedicated to the topic of curiosity itself. Is it a trait or a state? Innate behavior or emotion?

This show will dive into the various kinds of curiosity with the hopes to help you foster your curiosity in a way you can get a better understanding of your Self, the others you engage with and whatever fuckery life throws at you.

Think of this podcast as your Orange Theory for mental fitness or whatever trending exercise class you joined and will give up on like your upcoming New Year’s resolutions.

Or if you prefer to draw your line in the sand with a more taboo metaphor, consider this your PorhHub for your mind? MIndporn is real.

If you need a reference that relates to UFC styles or whatever Krav Maga, martial art, Joe Rogan’s guest’s are rambling about, humble yourself and embrace kung fu.

For the Incurious, in its original meaning, kung fu can refer to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily martial arts.

With that PSA complete….sit back, relax and listen up as we see what’s under the grundle of curiosity itself.

We humans share 3 basic drives in life with most of our primate cousins and beings: food, sex, and shelter (food, fucking and finding a place to keep us safe)

Yet, humans have a 4th drive: Curiosity.

In short, your curiosity is straight up a deviant.

If left unchecked, untrained, or left to run amok, curiosity can cause mayhem for you, your life, and society as a whole.

Now, before anyone stops listening to retort, refute or add their own two cents talking about how Koko the ASL signing gorilla, or how they saw some viral video of some cat, crow or, new puppy being curious….

Just stop, try to handle your inability to listen and open up your gray matter.

Humans are different. We’re the only ones asking questions, stopping to look up to the sky and wonder what the fuck we are, when we are, where are we going, or why is my Door Dasher bringing me another bag of shame today?

Mastering your curiosity is impossible, so they say. As the shows unravel, we’re gonna learn that your curiosity is often a mystery and not a puzzle to be solved. You have two choices: fuck around, find out, and learn, OR stay a Simple Jack. The old “learn or die” metaphor.

Most of the old stories of curiosity are sometimes warnings on how chaotic & confusing curiosity can be. Ever heard of Adam & Eve & the apple of knowledge? Icarus trying to chase the sun? and Pandora’s Box? This story is actually pretty interesting, it’s the perfect idiom of riding a unicycle down a two-lane expressway: on one side is a curse, the other value.

Curiosity and the Early Christian theologians did not get along either; with one of those delusional dipshits going as far as to say “God fashioned hell for the inquisitive. Some philosophers have even gone so far to suggest curiosity is just greed by a different name.

Even the Western societies are skewed on what curiosity is and can be, often calling it a distraction and often destructive to society and the soul. And for most of modern day society, they’re right.

However, curiosity will not die nor go away. And it’s one of, if not the main ingredient for ‘the happening’, of whatever you call this existence. Need proof?

During medieval times, inquiring minds were often stigmatized, especially by the commandment of the church.

Then the Renaissance and Reformation started to interrogate curiosity like it was Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. And just like the movie, Curiosity opened up mens’ minds and showed everyone how wonderful the unknown is.

The result? The Enlightenment. Ideas exploded, big ideas were shared, encouraging questions were exchanged. Curiosity was unbarred which resulted into a wave of prosperity for the European nations and other societies that precipitated it.

Fast forward to now, and look at us. Doom scrolling and trolling each other with information from your stepmoms facebook without even questioning the source, the topic, or anything. While some say the internet has brought forward a great innovation and exchange of ideas, others disagree. Some call this the end. The Great Stagnation. Curiosity has been put back into its box, or hidden behind the black mirror, or reduced to the basic form, much like a child pointing at something not knowing what it is.

The lust for knowledge, yearn to learn, and make people hungry to question and create outside the box thinking, without getting your feelings hurt or complaining to the internets is a real problem.

We’re creating a world of cognitive misers. We all want shortcuts, the easy way, and answers. Well, if that’s you and you’re still listening. This podcast may not be for you. Battles, wars and bar stool philosophizing are happening with most of us just loading up biases, shitty headlines, or romanticizing what your overpriced degree taught you. Don’t get it twisted, we’re all cognitive misers.

The future belongs to the Curious. Embrace the future. Don’t like where you’re at? Fuck around and find out and make a new blueprint. Challenge your Self. Find the cognitive misers and challenge them. The Incurious are everywhere and making pet sperm faster than Nick Canon multiplies.