Who is staycurious.org? (Heikki’s Satori)

Who is staycurious.org? Meet Heikki. The Chancellor of Curiosity. Buckle up and listen to the founder share his satori story. It was an experimental show. We videoed. And we hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look.

Intro Music: Midnight Sun by Cleveland’s own Mr.Gnome.

Listening Time: 48 minutes

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Curiosity + Love (Part II)

This is part II of Curiosity & Love. Listen to Part I first. This podcast originally aired in January 2021. Love is an incredible thing. And we don’t know love like we should. This curious conversation is a follow up to Episode #011 | Curiosity + Love. We asked supporters for their input, chatted again with the Captain of Project Falkor, and tried to make it fun. Pour your favorite cocktail and enjoi. The intro song is called Hey Mr by Mr. Sebastian. Listening time: 43 minutes

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Curiosity + Love (Part I)

This podcast originally aired in January 2021. Who doesn’t want a human diary to do life with? In this episode, we dive into love and curiosity, today’s ‘swipe life’ culture and mutual values, and how you cannot ‘unfuck’ someone. Three questions asked: How are curiosity and validation related? Is curiosity good for relationships? Why do The Curious have better relationships? The intro music is from Mr.Gnome; an alternative are rock married duo from Cleveland, Ohio. Listen to The Wild Child. Listening time: 45 minutes Resources for Podcast: Listen to Modern Romance by Aziz Anzari. Read Modern Romance by Aziz Anzari.

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Fuck Finding Your Passion

This podcast originally aired in January 2021. 2021 has arrived with the ‘new year, new me’ mantra everywhere. Millions of souls are inspired with resolutions and  following advice like ‘find your passion.’ Unfortunately, it’s kind of shitty advice. In short, telling people to find their passion could suggest that passion is within you, just waiting to be revealed. It. Is. Not. Telling people to follow their passion suggests that passion will do the lion’s share of the work for you. It. Will. Not. We look at the effects of both fixed and growth mindsets and their impact on learning, curiosity,

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da Vinci | that Curious Bastard

Did you know Leonardo was an illegitimate child born during what scholars have called a ‘Golden Age’ for Bastards? How did he fuel his curiosity? This was a man who believed ‘learning never exhausts the mind.’ That is to say he was always learning. His early years were spent living on his father’s family estate in Vinci. During this period of his life, he was also influenced by his uncle, who had a love of nature and had a hand in rearing him during his formative years. He had a very short formal schooling, he was largely an autodidact. He

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Simple Silicone Better Than Apple Watch?

In a recent study, people are reverting back to simple silicone wristbands to inspire self-directed learning; and help disconnect from the copious amounts of information bombarding their daily lives.

Further findings suggest this analog technology will also increase one’s conversational skills; the working theory is based on being less distracted by digital notifications and refocused and stronger curiosity.

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