Saint Patrick, Shamrocks & Shenanigans

March 17. A day where many are VIP’s (Very Irish People). So many celebrating and getting sham-rocked. But do you know anything about this holy day? Or is it holiday? Saint Patrick was a 5th-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Blue is his favorite color. Not green. Did you know we celebrate his death not his birth? Why are there no female leprechauns? Wondering, “Where is a St. Patrick’s Day parade near me,” here are your answers by state. Find your Guinness Gang, press your luck, and join us on this whiskey business of a podcast. (Original Release

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Bonus Banquet Show w/ Chris Swanson

Hello and Happy December to the Curious. Here’s a bonus episode with long-time supporter and one-of-a-kind human, Chris Swanson. It’s a bonus show with a few Coors Banquet Beers shared, solid banter and a few laughs. Check out Chris Swanson’s first guest appearance here. Subscribe to @staycurious Podcast on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora & more. Shop Official here.

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Kung Fu Foster Puppies (Audio Only)

We’re back after a fun summer in the 216. In this rough around the edges episode, we look at the terms kung fu & fostering, talk about summer expectations not meeting reality, and how two Husky foster puppies have challenged yours truly. You’ll get to hear about Amber & Johnny and how they earned their names. Yes, they are named after this summer’s infamous defecation defamation trial. New intro song Ha! by Jon Kennedy       Listening Time: 20 Min (Audio Only) New to the Podcast? Check out previous episodes here. Support and Shop

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Ben & Jerry’s and ‘Caring Capitalism’ | Ep. 4

In this podcast, we dive into how quirky ice cream founders, Ben and Jerry, have been the poster case to create a new kind of company that is friendlier to social enterprise: the Benefit Corporation. Today’s guest is a long time friend and inspiration for Doug Wickert. Listening time: 30 minutes Read more about Ben & Jerry’s B Corp journey. Curious about Benefit Corporations & Certified B Corps?

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Body Positivity & Fashion | 2022 EveryBODY Fashion Show

Body positivity is more than a buzzword. It has a range of origins and cultural roots dating back to the fat acceptance movement of the 1960s. Over the past decade, it’s picked up momentum with brands & groups championing similar themes in their own campaigns. The fashion merchandising class at Youngstown State University is doing just this as they head back indoors for 2022 and its EveryBODY Fashion Show. The message the show sends is powerful: Everyone’s body is beautiful and deserves to be acknowledged as such. Many suffer from an eating disorder and the stigma around getting help for

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Fashion, Body Positivity & Eating Disorders | Ep. 18

This week’s episode includes a wonderful conversation with three women who are raising awareness about body positivity and eating disorders. Youngstown State University’s Fashion Merchandising Department will be hosting the annual everyBODY Fashion Show on Wednesday, April 28th at 6PM. The show promotes inclusivity for all ages, sexualities and body-types. The show is dedicated to Danielle Peters, a former merchandising, fashion and interiors student of Youngstown State University. Peters died due to complications from bulimia in the summer of 2012. Special Guests: Professor Jennifer Frank, ShaCora Smith & Nina Schubert Professor Jennifer Frank is the Merchandising Fashion & Interiors professor

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Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper | Ep. 16

This week’s podcast guest is helping bring curiosity to the next level. He’s 14, he’s a freshman in high-school with mad basketball skills, and one of the coolest nephews on the plant. Please enjoy this curious conversation with Mr. Cooper. Intro Music: Midnight Sun by Cleveland’s own Mr.Gnome.               Listening Time: 25 minutes New to the podcast? Listen and download our  full catalog of shows here. Want to connect? Follow @staycuriousorg on Twitter or Instagram. Or Drop us an email. Want to support us? Visit our shop or make a contribution.

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Capital Curiosity in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) | Ep. 14

After a few weeks on hiatus, the Podcasts returns. First we offer a fun Friday show recapping the week’s touristy stuff in the Nation’s Capital: indoor skydiving, turning 40, and street art. Then we explore the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) and find The Awakening t0 brush off the dust and get back to curating content to coach the The Curious. Got a city for this traveling podcast to visit? Let us know. Guest: Al Miller aka -the Captain of Project Falkor @projectfalkor Intro Music: Plastic Shadow by mr.Gnome off of Heave Your Skeleton                

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Wining w/ Chris Swanson | Ep. 12

After  a year of begging, pleading, and being stood up, I finally sit with the infamous Chris Swanson. Chris Swanson is lactose intolerant living in an ice cream world. Pour a glass of your favorite Two Buck Chuck, sit back and relax, and listen to two lads discuss randomness, missed trips to India, and what will become of 2021 as we reset what is normal. The intro music is from Mr.Gnome; an alternative are rock married duo from Cleveland, Ohio. Listen to How to Talk in Technicolor. Listening time: 48 minutes

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Seas and Greetings w/ Project Falkor | Ep. 10

Al Miller, R.A. is not a mad man. But he did trade his Dual Masters in Architecture & Business along with a decade of designing skyscrapers and hotels in San Diego, CA to travel to Santiago de Chile to teach English and Eco-tourism, only to fall in love with scuba-diving and the sailing life. Season 1 is done and included secret bars, 70 days quarantined on SV Falkor and eating stingray. Set adrift this curious conversation with the Captain of Project Falkor as we chat about planning Season 2 of sailing towards the simple life. What will 2021 include? Just

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