2020 Review w/ Todd | Ep. 8

In this episode of staycurious.org Podcast, we roam through 2020 and the impact the ‘Rona had, share a few laughs recapping the year, and guessing how 2021 will turn out. Will we return to any sense of normalcy? Special Guest: Todd Kalin Todd is a long-time friend, loving husband & father and enjoys camping with his family. It’s his favorite. The intro music is from Mr.Gnome; an alternative are rock married duo from Cleveland, Ohio. Listen, stream, download “Golden Daze” and get your rock and read-along on.             Listening time: 55 minutes 2020 Featured Image

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All About The 6th Grade | Ep. 6

In this curious conversation, we get a glimpse of how compulsory school (K – 12) has been impacted by COVID-19, how both students and teachers always have a lot to learn, and how being able to ask for help is a sign of courage, all told through the eyes of a sixth grader. Special Guest: Lily Kalin Lily is a 12 year old, sassy, sixth grader who is brilliant, a voracious reader, and is making the best of these trying times during the pandemic. She is a class act, has an unbridled curiosity, and above all, is my adorable niece.

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When Life Throws Thorns; Hunt For Roses | Ep. 5

In this curious conversation, we cover how the economic collapse of 2009 blended the need for sustainability and a passion for a green thumb, the vast amount of free resources out there for horticulture, and how we (like roses) will regrow and prosper again. Special Guest: Doug Wickert Doug is a long-time friend with a dialectic mind that has been both inspirational and supportive of staycurious.org. Above all, it was a pleasure to have him as guest and learn about his curiosities, his passions, and to hear him laugh. Visit his Facebook page Wickert Garderns for more information on anything

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What is Creative Destruction? | Ep. 2

In this podcast, we table the big P’s of 2020: prevalent protests, politics and pandemics. #alliteration First, we dive into creative destruction. What exactly is it? Secondly, we see how creative destruction has and will impact life as we know it, specifically the education industry. Finally, we touch base on what this means for parents, students and everyone else impacted by the pandemic moving forward. The episode is raw, has a few errors, and was recorded in one take. Read more about creative destruction here. Listening time: 25 minutes

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