Fuck Finding Your Passion

This podcast originally aired in January 2021. 2021 has arrived with the ‘new year, new me’ mantra everywhere. Millions of souls are inspired with resolutions and  following advice like ‘find your passion.’ Unfortunately, it’s kind of shitty advice. In short, telling people to find their passion could suggest that passion is within you, just waiting to be revealed. It. Is. Not. Telling people to follow their passion suggests that passion will do the lion’s share of the work for you. It. Will. Not. We look at the effects of both fixed and growth mindsets and their impact on learning, curiosity,

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Who is staycurious.org? (Heikki’s Satori)

Who is staycurious.org? Meet Heikki. The Chancellor of Curiosity. Buckle up and listen to the founder share his satori story. It was an experimental show. We videoed. And we hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look. Intro Music: Midnight Sun by Cleveland’s own Mr.Gnome.             Listening Time: 48 minutes New to the podcast? Listen and download our  full catalog of shows here. Want to support this project? Check out the staycurious.org Shop.

The post Who is staycurious.org? (Heikki’s Satori) appeared first on staycurious.org.